Finding Our Way


As I write this, it’s Saturday, July 21. We arrived here on Wednesday, July 18. That makes it about 3 days since we have been living in our new home, far across the Pacific Ocean, about 2,700 miles away from our original home. I have never lived anywhere else in my life and now, here I am, 38 years later, a husband and 2 kids, moving away for the first time in my life.

It’s weird to look around and not know the names of the plants around me or not recognize the chirp of the birds here. It’s unsettling to not know the weather patterns or understand this very different type of heat (and eventually, cold). We have been through 2 monsoons (1 with hail) and one dust storm in as many days.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is all very new to us. To me. To my kids. My children have already cried for “home” twice, insisting that this “never happened at home.” I have done my best to reassure them that this is normal here and will eventually become our new normal.

I’ve called home every single day, talking to my parents who I miss tremendously, trying to keep the begging out of my voice in asking them to come here, come live with me.

And yet I also know that we are extremely lucky. We are staying with family, who love us and are doing their best to make this transition easier, and I am grateful. I have a job that I am excited to start, excited to be back in the classroom, excited that my children will be able to come to the same school I’ll be teaching at. I’m excited that we will have more opportunities here, a chance to live in a house that can accommodate us and any family that wants to visit (like my parents will be, in December).

But as for right now, we are doing our best to find our way in a new place, an unfamiliar one, where I don’t recognize the trees, the birds or even the weather. But I think, with time, I will.

10 thoughts on “Finding Our Way

  1. Exciting and scary at the same time. Commendations to you for being a risk-taker and making this move. So much to explore and learn. So much to be grateful for.

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    • Yes! I think that was one of the main reasons we moved: to explore new places and learn new things – especially for my husband and I, in learning to depend on one another in a way we haven’t had to before. Yes, we are very grateful! Thank you!


  2. Change is difficult. I don’t know your situation but time can help, and in the larger lens, living in different places gives one a larger sense of the world (advice that is no comfort to your children right now, I’m sure). Good luck with the new job and the settling in.

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  3. What strikes me here is your courage and your strength, as a mom, as a writer, as a person embracing such change, on so many levels! I am especially moved by how you focus on wanting to know the names of plants and birds; these are seemingly minor things that actually have great significance in this unfamiliar place becoming home.

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    • Yes! I think I’m trying to find a way to ground myself to this place and I think knowing the plants and birds and such is my way of doing this. Thank you for helping me to reflect on this and thank you for your words! Most days I don’t feel strong, but there are moments that slowly give me strength (like driving somewhere by myself for the first time!).


  4. You describe the sensory changes of moving so well; for me, as an Army brat, it was the scent of the air and the change in the slant of light. I hope you and your children are able to find the beauty in your new surroundings as you settle in!

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