Day 28: Noticings


It was as I was replying to a comment, that I started to really “notice” my writing, so I decided to jot down all my “noticings” about my writing:

  1. I speak in exclamation marks.  I use them frequently in my writing.
  2. I edit while I draft.  I cannot write everything down and then go back and edit.  I fix it while I write.
  3. Though I edit while I draft, when the writing piece is done, I always go back and reread the piece to make sure it makes sense.
  4. 9 times out of 10, I will write the entire piece and then go back and give it a title.
  5. I write from beginning to end.  It is rare that I’ll think of an ending, start with that, and then go back and write the beginning.  I
  6. I write how I speak and vice versa (is that a no-brainer?).
  7.  I like it quiet when I write.  I have difficulty writing with any kind of background music or noise.
  8. The genre I write in the most is personal narratives.

What do you notice about your writing?

6 thoughts on “Day 28: Noticings

  1. Great observations. I have used more exclamation marks in comments this month than I ever thought possible. Sigh. And I, too, need quiet when I write – which is hard to come by in a busy house! (See? Exclamation mark.) Also, being able to write how you speak is *not* a no-brainer: it’s a gift. This is a fun list – I think I should try it as this month comes to an end!

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    • It’s funny the things you don’t notice, until you notice it! Then I couldn’t UN-notice it. 🙂 And yes, I know what you mean about the busy house, which is why I think I try to slice at night, after the kids are in bed.

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  2. What a great thing to do. Although I need to really go back and look at my writing, my numbers 2,3,5, and 8 are the same as yours. I would add that I write a great deal of poetry too. I was glad to see that you write in personal narratives. I always wish I could be a fiction writer, but it’s not in me!

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