New Year, New Blog


Since my last blog site was obtained through my work, I decided to switch over and start my own personal one.  One of my co-workers helped me set up the work blog, so being the difficult person that I am, I decided to try setting this one up on my own.  I figured it would take me a day or two.  That was my plan.

It didn’t happen that way.

It was hard.  I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be, but it was.  I spent many a frustrated night clicking around and trying to figure things out, only to discover that I really wasn’t figuring anything out.  In fact, I was probably making things worse.  I watched many a YouTube video thinking I would find the answer there, but I guess I wasn’t finding the video that I needed because I kept watching different videos about the same thing.  Then I realized I had to undo most of what I originally did.  Reflecting back upon this experience, I thought I’d write down a couple of things I learned along the way:

  1. What you type in the “Search” tab really matters
  2. If you do this at night after a long day and you’re very tired, sometimes, the YouTube videos end up watching you
  3. When making changes to your site and you’re ready to save, you realize how hard it is to click “Publish”
  4. Sometimes it’s okay to click “Publish” – it’s the only way to see what others are seeing on your site
  5. Sometimes you need to step away and take a break
  6. It’s only after you decided that it’s okay to step away, that you come back and figure out the answer

It took me many, many, MANY nights to figure things out, but I will say, once I did, I ran around and did a dance in the living room, I was so proud.

Later that same night, my daughter was having her own difficulties in creating a video on her iPad.  She got so upset and started to cry.  I’m pretty sure I felt the same way on night 5 (6?  I don’t know, they all seemed to run together after awhile) of trying to figure out my own blog.  I figured this was actually a pretty good opportunity to tell her so.  As I shared with her my frustration in figuring this blog site out, she immediately said, “Mom, this sounds like a teaching moment.  Is this a lesson for me?”  I started to laugh and told her, “Yes, but it’s a very relevant one.”

I hadn’t planned on using this experience as a teaching moment, but it’s funny the way life happens.  You think you have a plan and life throws it out the window.  And that’s okay because those are usually the ones that you remember.

9 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. I too have had many blogs off of my first wordpress account. Since TWT got me started with it all I decided to go back to my original one because I wanted to be with my old friend again. I like your tips…especially from your sweet girl. I also love the top and sides…way to go xo


    • Thank you! Yes, it’s funny how attached you get to a “website”, though with all the work that goes into it, especially with such personal writing pieces, I totally understand why. Thank you for visiting and for your encouraging comments!


    • Yes! I dread the day my kids will have to teach me how to use technology (like I’m doing with my own dad right now!). 🙂 I’m hoping that by learning these new things it will keep my brain younger, but I feel like I just become more frustrated with it! Thanks so much for commenting!

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  2. I like that you kept going even when it got hard, because that’s what your daughter will remember. 🙂 Congratulations on persevering and getting this blog up and running. It looks wonderful!


  3. Such excellent rules ~ cracked me up reading them. At night the YouTube video end up watching me too. Corollary to #3 ~ there’s always the edit button. When stepping back without stepping up again leaves you with more drafts than posts, you may have a problem. Let these two thoughts console you: 1) think of the drafts as emergency backups. Besides, 2) your secret is safe with your dashboard.


    • I love that my secret is safe with my dashboard! That is so true! There are so many inner workings in creating a blog site that I had never thought of, but I figure if I keep going, I will figure it out along the way. Thanks so much for commenting!

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