The Mom Who Writes

i-W8ZrhHK-X3Welcome to The Mom Who Writes!  It is a pleasure to have you here!

My name is Likolehua Gerboc-Naulangi.  A mouthful, I know, so Lehua is fine.  Though I am fairly new to blogging, I am not new to writing about whatever it is I’m thinking, so I thought that I might as well put pen (keyboard?) to paper (computer screen?).

I’ve been teaching longer than I’ve been a mom, so I’m pretty good at the former and definitely working on the latter every day.  I’ve taught for 16 years as both a special education teacher and, more currently, as a literacy coach.

Joining me on this journey is my wonderful husband and our two beautiful children (I can say that, right?).  Our daughter, who hopes to be a YouTuber one day, is 8 and our 5-year-old son – really just wants to be around his big sister.  I’m pretty sure that most days, I’m not doing anything right, but the way I look at it, everyone is still alive and kicking, so we can’t be that far off.

Thanks for joining me in my musings and if there’s anything that I hope you get from reading this is knowing that our ability to laugh, cry, love and yes, even be angry, is what connects us at our deepest core and makes us all human.  Happy reading!



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